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30 January 2018

Your Complimentary Key to Unlocking the Crucial Dates of 2018

In the barrage of messages bombarding consumers, the largest task marketers face is staying relevant. Mastering long-lasting consumer connections is crucial. Yet in 2018 there’s no one-fit solution.

How can you stay ahead of audiences’ interests, desires and habits before they even know them themselves?

Our Secret Little Weapon: Xcite’s Event Marketing Calendar.


In today’s Experience Economy, identifying the moments that matter most to your customers couldn’t be more vital. Consumers ascribe value to the brands and destinations that provide them with vivid, memorable experiences. Companies that successfully maintain first-class customer relationships must dig deep to provide exciting touchpoints that mirror audiences’ interests in original, refreshing ways.

Name-checking the usual parade of Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas is not enough to make audiences tick all year-long. A lot of forecasting magic is needed to keep consumers on-board.

Luckily our in-depth, free download is here to help you carve crucial campaigns and compelling occasions throughout the year.

22 November 2017

Insight 3: Inclusive Placemaking

In Xcite’s three-part series, we look at the trends disrupting the event industry of tomorrow. Our Insights team reflect on how consumers will turn from Passive Observers to Loyal Brand Advocates.

Insight 3: Inclusive Placemaking

Consumer-first, personalised activations have a much broader reach than purely brand-centric events. By making experiences that marry audience interests with a brand’s identity, we optimise the scope of their appeal.

Yet best-in-class initiatives reveal carving a well-loved destination is much more than highlighting the facilities on site. The real art comes from creating the ideal atmosphere.

The way to ignite that atmosphere? People.

The age-old expression that ‘people make a place’ couldn’t reign truer in 2018. The more a destination signals its inclusivity, the more people it will attract. Diverse audiences enable spaces to become destinations known for their vibrancy and creativity. This energy has a magnetic effect attracting more visitors and securing a destination’s success.

At Xcite our creative process begins with the interests of audiences. We know their needs, desires and interests before they even know them themselves. It’s how we conceive varied activations personalised to differing audiences so that everyone can feel they have their own unique connection with a place.

Shoppers, locals, tourists, city-workers, and families must equally feel included in a space if it is to remain centered on the map and remembered as a vibrant, must-visit place. As tension and division become central topics in parliament and the media, 2018 will see quality destinations have a real power to pull people together.

At Xcite, we pride ourselves on our ability to conceive events, occasions and long-term experiential strategies that pave the way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of development. It’s how our Placemaking initiatives in 2018 will ensure the spaces we work with remain at the top of people’s minds as game-changing destinations.

22 November 2017

Insight 2: Consumer-First Personalisation

In Xcite’s three-part series, we look at the trends disrupting the event industry of tomorrow. Our Insights team reflect on how consumers will turn from Passive Observers to Loyal Brand Advocates.

Insight 2: Consumer-First Personalisation

Innovative brands and destinations know their marketing campaign must reach beyond online content. In a hyper-competitive Experience Economy, consumers are digitally-empowered and can choose to ignore and switch off from irrelevant ads and content.

Brands must be a stepping stone for audiences to experience the things that matter most to them.

Audiences don’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked to. Making memorable moments that resonate with audiences in real-time can make consumers feel long-term connection with brands.

However, marketers have previously produced experiences where brands’ aims and identities are prioritised above listening to audiences. The result? A forgettable experience with low-impact on consumer behavior.

In 2018 this approach just won’t cut it. With ceaseless distractions heading the way of consumers, there’s only one way to seize their attention. Personalisation.

Experiential activations offer brands and destinations the opportunity to frame the customer journey, alter purchase behavior and grow brand affinity.

In 2018, these outcomes will only be achieved by activations carved around robust consumer insights.

At Xcite, we combine creative vision designed to delight and entertain, a heightened understanding of audience biases and leading technologies. Our years of experience delving into consumer needs means we have unparalleled knowledge of the key issues affecting their decisions.

We’ll be triggering ever-more personalised messages for consumers, building bespoke augmented realities, integrating AI into our live experiences and redefining every touchpoint into unique consumer-first moments in 2018. As technology develops and consumers expect ever-more, we’ll continue to transform the shopper’s state of mind from passive observation to active affinity.

22 November 2017

2018: Top Trends to Transform Consumers into Loyal Brand Advocates | Insight 1: The Experience Economy

In Xcite’s three-part series, we look at the trends disrupting the event industry of tomorrow. Our Insights team reflect on how consumers will turn from Passive Observers to Loyal Brand Advocates.

Insight 1: The Experience Economy

2017 has been an epic year for brands and destinations wanting to create authentic, long-lasting connections with their audiences. Their secret? Strengthening consumer relationships through real-time brand touchpoints. By crafting moments that deliver value to audiences in real life, significant emotional ties and enduring brand-loyalty are ignited.

In 2018 our always-on culture will escalate. A relentless avalanche of web ads and digital noise will increasingly hit consumers as daily life becomes defined by online activity. This may lead brands to be perceived through irritation, confusion and negativity.

More than ever, brands must ideate strategic ways to make themselves stand out. They must position themselves as original, relatable and well loved.

How? By driving an experience culture. This means integrating consumers in highly engaging, memorable activations. Experiences that they want to be a part of and can’t wait to show to their network on social. This 87% of business leaders agree that customer experience is vital for success (Harvard Business Review 2017).

Those with a forward outlook know that to get ahead, their marketing plans must rouse and connect with consumers personally. Research shows that businesses placing experiential activations at the top of their strategic agenda enjoy engaged online communities, active, involved offline communities and more dominant market positions and stronger revenue growth.

The Xcite team always build sharable social moments, extending the excitement for those who were there and generating FOMO amongst those who missed out (and hope to be there next time). It’s how we bring everyone closer to the event virtually.

We know the importance of creating truly awe-inspiring moments. As the Experience Economy thrives further in 2018, our expert team will continue helping brands and destinations reverberate in people’s minds.